the material

As its name suggests, the American Silver Cloud granite is reminiscent of a silver colored cloud, with a bright base tone and silvery, strongly dynamic veins. Depending on the cutting direction, the pattern appears clouded or longitudinally flowing. Its structure and color make the material very versatile and timeless. Thanks to its excellent technical properties, this hard stone is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Its acid resistance and hardness, allow the application of Silver Cloud also as a perfect kitchen countertop. The constant base tone and the imperceptible color and structure variation from block to block make Silver Cloud ideal for large-area applications such as facades and floors.

Silver Cloud floor


Depending on the chosen finish, the material shows different surface structures ; from smooth, over silky to rough. The various finishes influence also the color of the material. For example polished slabs show more contrast between lighter and darker veins, whereas the sandblasted finish lends the material a much lighter appearance and the difference between light and dark veins diminishes. 


Silver Cloud polished


Silver Cloud satin


Silver Cloud sandblasted



Silver Cloud honed

flamed & brushed

Silver Cloud flamed and brushed


Silver Cloud waterjet

Technical Information*

petrographic denomination


acid resistance

frost resistance

application field

migmatitic granite

Grey, Silver



interiors and exteriors

metric units

imperial units**

apparent density

open porosity

compressive strength

flexural strength

moisture absorption

2631 - 2640 kg/m3

0,67 %

147 MPa

13,5 MPa

0,3 %

164 - 165 lb/ft3

0.67 %

21321 psi

1958 psi

0.3 %

*The above data is indicative and without guarantee. Detailed test results on request.

**All values in this column are based on European test norms and converted into equivalent imperial units.


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