Broad River Quarries is the operator of the only active Silver Cloud granite quarry in the world and is a proud member of the Nikolaus Bagnara Group.
The NB Group has a global network with own quarries, various distribution facilities and representative offices, and together we have over 70 years of experience in the granite industry specializing in construction, block and memorial stone quarrying.


As its name suggests, the American Silver Cloud granite is reminiscent of a silver colored cloud, with a bright base tone and silvery, strongly dynamic veins. Depending on the cutting direction, the pattern appears clouded or longitudinally flowing. Its structure and color make the material very versatile and timeless.


Silver Cloud is a world-renowned hard rock and is quarried near Atlanta, in the state of Georgia (USA). The paragneis massif where it is quarried, stretches throughout Atlanta. The famous natural attraction "Stone Mountain" is also made of the same granite.


We extract blocks from the paragneis massif for the local and international market. Once extracted as a block, Silver Cloud can be transformed into various shapes: from thin slabs up to beautiful cut to size objects.


As if the stone were not a work of art in and of itself, the beauty of nature is emphasized even more in architectural masterpieces. National and international partners use the American granite Silver Cloud with pleasure for their amazing projects worldwide.

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