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Welcome to the world of Silver Cloud granite.

Who we are…

Broad River Quarries is the proud owner/operator of the only active Silver Cloud granite quarry in the world.  We have over 50 years experience in the granite industry specializing in granite construction block and granite memorial stone quarrying. We use the latest technology and equipment so that we can offer granite that is not only beautiful, but cost effective. Our staff is committed to excellence and works extremely hard to protect the integrity of our material. Click photos below to see examples of our beautiful Silver Cloud Granite.

Silver Cloud Granite Blocks, Monument Stone Granite Monument Stone Silver Cloud Granite Monument Stone Silver Cloud

The building above in the left & center photos are of the Towers Crescent located in Tysons Corner, Virginia and built by The North Carolina Granite Corporation.  Dale Marion, General Manager of the Cut Stone Division of The North Carolina Granite Corporation says that Broad River Quarries provides “some of best Silver Cloud granite that he has seen -very nice, very consistent”.

Granite Memorial Silver Cloud Granite

Siver Cloud Granite Memorial by Eagle Granite Company

What we offer…

Silver Cloud granite has been around for years.  It is a staple in the monument industry and the local markets around the Atlanta metro area.  Since purchasing the quarry in 2003, Broad River Quarries has taken Silver Cloud to the world.  Recently completed projects stretch from the United States to the Far East. We can provide rough blocks in any size that is suitable for your project.  No project is too large or too small. Our very capable staff can get that specific block you may need to manufacture that perfect monument; or they can get the 50,000 cubic feet you need for a building project.  We aim to take care of each order as if were our only order.  We also offer commercial grade material for curbing, landscaping or rubble stone.  Silver Cloud is the perfect material for granite sea walls, decorative granite  walkways, granite steps, granite pavers or granite signs.

Why use Silver Cloud Granite for Construction…

The Environment. With the recent emphasis on environmentally friendly building products, Silver Could makes perfect sense.  Since it is quarried here, cut here, and polished here, it has the least environmental impact as any stone in the Southeastern United States.

The Look. The perfect marbling of grey and white can be used in the most contemporary home or the most rustic cabins.  Many designers are now specifying marble for kitchens but neglect to mention the loss of durability. Silver Cloud is the perfect answer.  It provides the look of a marble and the durability of granite. The same concept applies to the monument industry.

The cost. Broad River Quarries uses technology and automation to produce a product that is surprisingly affordable.

Silver Cloud Alias Our granite is as well known as: „Brocade Granite“ or „Pearl Grey“

Silver Cloud Granite Projects from all over the world

Lake Tower – The Adress Hotel

Dubai, UAE

ca. 7,500 m2 / 80,000 sqft

Ukrainian President Residence

Kiev, Ucraine

ca. 4,000 m2 / 43,000 sqft

Arcapita Bank HQ

Kingdom of Bahrain

ca. 22,000 m2 / 237,000 sqft


Varsavia, Poland

ca. 8,000 m2 / 86,000 sqft

Casino Montecampione

Monetecampione, Italy

ca. 10,000 m2 / 107,000 sqft

La Desence Plaza

Paris, France

ca. 4,500 m2 / 48,000 sqft

Marina Tower

Beirut, Libanon

ca. 5,000 m2 / 54,000 sqft

Sky Tower

Milano, Italy

ca. 1,500 m2 / 16,200 sqft

How do you find Broad River Quarries

The quarry is located in Lithonia, Georgia.  Get Broad River Quarries contact information here.

Domestic Granite Block & Monument Stone Sales Contact

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Silver Cloud Granite Countertop SlabsSilver Cloud Granite Countertop Slabs

We also have thousands of Granite Countertop Slabs in hundreds of colors.  We are importers and distributors of Granite Countertop Slabs as well as Marble, Travertine, Soapstone and Onyx slabs and tile. We are a family owned and operated company with the main emphasis on quality. We stock thousands of granite countertop slabs to ensure you a superb stone at a competitive price. We stock over 100 colors of granite from around the globe. The quality of our granite countertop slabs and other stone slabs combined with our dependable service make us your best stone source in the Southeast United States.
More granite countertop slab information here.


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