WHy natural stone?

Natural Stone is unique

Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world. Its positive properties were already appreciated thousands of years ago. Whether for interior design or outdoor use, there are many facts in favor of using this inimitable material.

Natural Stone Formation


Stone is a natural product that was formed over millions of years. The oldest stone types have a history of up to 3,800 million years.

Natural Stone Uniqueness


Each natural stone slab is unique, like a piece of art made by Nature. It highlights the personal individuality of the person who owns it.

Natural Stone Variety


Various surface treatments are possible, making the material even more versatile in color and texture. Finishes such as polishing, satin finishing, flaming, sandblasting and brushing highlight the individual properties of natural stone. Due to its variety, natural stone can be seamlessly integrated into all styles, whether modern, classic, rustic or timeless. Natural stone is always a good choice.

Natural Stone Durability


Natural stone is extremely durable. Even when a natural stone floor gets a bit worn, it can be polished and will look as new.

Natural Stone Flexibility


Natural stone is not a standardized mass product. Therefore, almost all sizes, thicknesses and shapes are possible. Natural stone stands for elegance and class, and can be combined wonderfully with other materials such as metal, wood and glass.


Natural Stone Recyclable


Natural stone is 100% and infinitely recyclable. Natural stone is not combustible and is therefore safer than other building materials.

Natural Stone Resource-saving


Because of modern technologies, less and less resources are needed for the extraction of natural stone. Therefore, the price of many natural stone types is competitive with other comparable materials.



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